George Jage, Dope Magazine CEO

I was thoroughly “wowed” by the chef’s ability to marry the cannabis and culinary worlds, to deliver a high-quality, enjoyable dining and social experience. With a talented and innovative chef, Elevated Fork takes a bold approach that rewards her guests with a delightful and entertaining social event, in a comfortable and truly fun setting.

– George

Jodi Dudek, Art Director

The Elevated Fork dinner that I attended was phenomenal! It brought together a great group of people, and the food was OUTSTANDING. Michelin-star level. The chef was very creative, but still made the dishes approachable. Food and drink exceeded expectations at this price point.

Tavi Johnson, Chicago Lifestyle Blogger

I hadn’t had a drop of weed…excuse me let me be fancy “Cannabis” until I attended my first Elevated Fork Party. I’ve now been to two of the gatherings and what brings me back for more is the intimate gathering, great conversation, and of course the “infused” food. I’ve had a couple friends come with me now and they agree you can’t beat the price for the quality of food courses and drinks were served. There’s usually also added extra’s that add a nice touch like a violinist or people giving us the run down on Cannabis. It’s such an interesting topic this day and age and Elevated Fork is at the forefront of this new dining experience.

Scott Riefler, SōRSE, Chief Science Officer

Wow, wonderful, transforming are just a few of the emotions the chef evokes with the fusion of cannabis infusions and masterful culinary skills. I have now had the distinct pleasure of attending a few of her pop up dinners which are so much more than simply an exquisite dining experience. The meals are the next step in innovative dining events giving patrons interested in exploring the realm of infused edibles and social exchange in a safe and pleasant setting all the while enjoining an intoxicating (both figuratively and literally) experience.

Put thoughts of honey slides and brownies out of your mind. Enter delicate crab and endive salad, Big eye tuna sashimi garnished with Kumamoto oysters with a delicate Asian sauces, robust braised short ribs…..is your mouth watering yet, I think you get the picture. Now layer this with synergistic cannabis extracts THC and CBD, presented in a completely taste free form, with short and reliable lift off times and precise and individually tailored dosage….and I am back to WOW!

– Scott

Lo Friesen, HeyLo Cannabis - CEO/Founder

It’s Wednesday and I’m daydreaming about The Elevated Fork Experience. These dinners are put on by a renowned gourmet chef and event team yet these dinners exceed high expectations every time. The ambiance, the people, and of course the food, all contribute to an extraordinary sensory experience.

– Lo

Julie Raque, Vice President of Marketing at Cannibistry Labs

I had the pleasure of attending one of Elevated Forks infused cannabis dining experiences and was blown away. The chefs culinary skills paired expertly with precise dosing of THC/CBD allowed consumers not only a view into her amazing food, but a pleasurable and responsible way to consume cannabis recreationally. I highly recommend Elevated Fork in the edible category for cannabis and look forward to following their journey as the chef trail-blazes the path for women in cannabis!

– Julie Raque

Merrrica, Cannabis Influencer

Elevated Fork is a fine dining experience with great company and uplifting fare. I have attended a handful of these meals, and each event is a unique and tasteful experience. There is live music ranging from DJ’s to a live violinist, and activities throughout the delicious four-course meal. Chef has the ability to accommodate vegan and vegetarian diets with an advance notice. I would recommend the Elevated Fork dining experience for the food, friends, and fun.

– merrrica

Neil Lequia, Founder Queers of Cannabis

“This experience was exactly what the world has been missing – a communal dining experience focused around cannabis. So much intention was crafted into every detail. The staff was exceptional. The whole evening was very intimate, and a joy to share with friends. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and can’t wait to come back again.” – Neil

Dominique Dabs, Cannabis Creative

The food. The people. The experience. Some of the most memorable moments in my life have occurred during Elevated Fork events. The food is the most magnificently prepared fine dining I have ever tasted. I have met people of all walks of life during the dinners and have created long lasting friendships with some other attendees. The entertainment is always top notch and has consisted of live music, to fire and stunt performers. There is no other event like it. It’s truly a one of a kind and something you MUST witness.

Dominique Dabs

Matt Roe, Photographer

I had never been to a cannabis infused dinner before, I had no idea what to expect. I certainly hadn’t anticipated it being such a classy and elegant experience with such lovely people. The extra cost for the drinks was well worth it. Everything was overwhelmingly delicious! And if there’s any question to the potency and efficiency of the cannabis, I can verify that it is delightfully powerful. I was giggling like a little school girl, and ended up sleeping like a baby. I can’t wait for the next chance I have to attend another one of these amazing events. The chef is beyond skilled , and it’s a privilege to be able to devour such exquisite food.